Ester Aliu


I currently live in New York and work as a postdoctoral fellow in the high energy astrophysics group of Prof. Reshmi Mukherjee at Barnard College and the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory (CAL).

My research interests include:

  1.   Pulsars and their environments

  2.   Cosmic ray acceleration in Supernova Remnants

  3.   The study of the gamma-ray emission in the Cygnus Region in our Milky Way 

  4.   Ground-based gamma-ray instruments: IACTs and Water Cherenkov

  5.   Multi-wavelengths observations

  6.   Data Analysis, Statistics

I was educated at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (B.A. Physics), Institute of High Energy Physics (M.S. Experimental High Energy Physics and Ph.D. Experimental High Energy Astrophysics), also in Barcelona.

About Me