Gustaaf Brooijmans
Columbia University, Physics Department
Pupin 907, MC 5226
538 West 120th Street
New York , NY 10027
Tel:+1 212 854 4527


Falls: C1403 Introduction to Classical and Quantum Waves, G6050 Particle Physics Phenomenology


I spend most of my time working on experiments built and operated by very large collaborations of physicists to study the products of very high energy proton-(anti)proton interactions.  My main interest lies in the search for direct evidence of new physics, through the discovery of new particles or interactions.  I participate in two experiments: D0 at Fermilab's Tevatron (near Chicago, USA), and ATLAS at CERN's LHC (in Geneva, Switzerland).

D0 specifics: I joined D0 in 1998, during the construction of Run II which started in 2001.  The accelerator is now running very well and we have multiple inverse femtobarns of data to analyze.  This represents over a billion events.  I contribute to D0 in many ways:
ATLAS specifics: The detector is currently being commissioned, with physics data taking expected to start in 2009.  The LHC opens a new energy domain in which we have high expectation for discovery (see for example my talk at DPF 2004).  My contributions to ATLAS are:

GB, November 2nd, 2007