Michael Shaevitz

Professor of Physics,

Columbia University

Department of Physics

Office: 722 Pupin


Mailing Address:

Columbia University

Department of Physics

538 West 120th Street

New York, NY,10027


Office Phone Numbers:

Physics Dept 212-854-3305

Nevis Laboratory 914-591-2806

Fermilab Office 630-840-6814






Current Activities

MiniBooNE - Booster Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at Fermilab

nm &rarr ne neutrino oscillation experiment using muon neutrinos produced with the 8 GeV booster.
Experiment will make a definitive test of the LSND observation at Los Alamos




Movie about Neutrinos and MiniBooNE

ABC News Neutrino Mass Movie Clip

MiniBooNE Horn Concerto

Movie of MiniBooNE Event (A Stopping Muon with Decay Electron after ~2 microsec)


Double Chooz Reactor Neutrino Experiment

Using electron antineutrinos from the Chooz nuclear reactor in northern France,

this experiment will explore neutrino oscillations involving the unknown mixing

angle, q13. Measurement of this mixing angle is crucial for taking the next step in

neutrino oscillations physics and for trying to understand the masses, mixings and

possible CP violation effects.







NuTeV - Neutrino Experiment at the TeVatron

Experiment to study the neutrino interactions using a high-energy sign-selected beam
- Measure weak mixing angle with precision comparable to collider experiments
- Determine the quark structure of the nucleon (protons and neutrons)
- Search for long-lived neutral heavy particles




Press Release for NuTeV Weak Mixing Angle Result

Columbia News: Breakthrough at Fermilab in Research on Neutrinos


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