Nevis1 Special Mail Services Terminated On 16:00 Mon 12-Apr-2004, I plan to change the mail software configuration on nevis1 to be the same as that any of the machines on the Linux cluster. The IP name will be changed to point to the mail server, franklin. This web page discusses:

  • what will be done,
  • how this will affect you (if at all),
  • why this is being done,
  • and the answers to a couple of frequently-asked questions.
  • The final transfer of all remaining mail services from nevis1 to franklin will take place at 16:00 Mon 12-Apr-2004. The transition began will the installation of the new mail server, and continued when I turned off mail processing on nevis1. With this final change, nevis1 will be out of the "mail server business," and offer no more mail facilities than any box on the Linux cluster.

    What is being done

    There are two changes that will be made:

    1. Even though the bulk of the mail services have been transferred to franklin, the IP name has continued to point to nevis1. The mail server has received every other mail alias I could think of:

      At 4PM Mon 12-Apr-2004, the name will be point to the mail server franklin. It may take as much as a day for the new name propagate through the Internet, but Nevis and Columbia systems will see the change almost immediately.

    2. The IMAP and POP3 servers on nevis1 will be shut down. If you want to read your mail, you must do so through the mail server.

      Before you panic, read the rest of this page. You can still read your mail on nevis1, but you'll have to tell your mail reader to use the main mail server to access your mail.

    How will this affect you?

    Chances are that you won't notice any difference.

    Here are the main exceptions:

    Why is this being done?

    Here are the main reasons for the change:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is mail being turned off entirely on nevis1?

    No, it's not. It would be more accurate to say that mail processing is being turned off on nevis1. After this change, all mail sent from nevis1 will be forwarded to the main mail server. All mail that you want to read on nevis1 must be fetched from the mail server. This is the same as on any other machine on the Linux cluster.

    What about mail that's sent to old-style mail addresses like

    That was already taken care of at the time that franklin became the main mail server. Mail sent to addresses of the following form will reach you without any problems:

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