Astrochemistry and Planetary Science

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The Savin Group is carrying out laboratory studies relevant to astrochemistry and planetary science. The student would most likely participate in each project, depending on the current status of each project when the student arrives.

The astrochemistry project is related to our laboratory studies of key astrochemical reactions that play important roles in the birth of stars and the formation of their surrounding planetary systems. The most likely system to study in summer 2020 will be neutral molecular N2 reacting with cations of molecular hydrogen. These studies would be carried out using our novel dual-source, merged-fast-beams apparatus.

The planetary science project involves laboratory studies designed to improve our ability to interpret in situ and remote-sensing data of the planet Mercury. In specific, we are building an ion beam facility that will enable us to simulate solar wind ion irradiation of regolith-like loose powders. In summer 2022, we expect to be in the commissioning phase of the project.

REU students working with the Savin Group would be based at Nevis Labs.