Nevis SMB Backup Log This is a listing of SMB shares that are backed up, along with the sizes of those directories. If you need a file to be restored, contact the System Administrators.

The backup procedure synchronizes the disk images on the backup server with the originals by copying only those files that are new or changed. Then an incremental backup of the disk images is performed on the backup server, so that current and previous versions of files are saved.

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Linux partitions are backed up separately.

PartitionSize of
disk image
backed up
Time to
copy new or
changed files

SMB shares backup


Other UNIX backup

vision:/Users/ 153G 24:34:14
vision:/Volumes/Destiny/local/ 3.5G 0:37
vision:/etc/ 9.3M 0:02
pixel:/Users/ 9.3G 0:31
TOTAL 183G 24:44:43

Current incremental backup of changes to disk images

Backup file 9.8G 2:16:51
Compressed listing file 88K

Backup server disk usage 3.8T
92% of 4.1T

Available incremental SMB tar backups

Date CreatedCompressed file size
26-Jun-2014 14:56:369.8G
26-Jun-2014 14:46:025.2G
24-Jun-2014 12:10:528.8M
23-Jun-2014 13:33:464.4G
20-Jun-2014 14:12:564.8G
19-Jun-2014 13:59:577.0G
18-Jun-2014 14:47:538.1G
17-Jun-2014 12:13:158.4M
16-Jun-2014 12:02:4912M
13-Jun-2014 12:15:598.7M
12-Jun-2014 12:23:509.1M
11-Jun-2014 12:07:238.8M
10-Jun-2014 12:24:578.7M
09-Jun-2014 12:02:4712M
06-Jun-2014 12:02:358.6M
05-Jun-2014 13:29:593.8G
04-Jun-2014 14:19:345.9G
03-Jun-2014 14:01:387.7G
03-Jun-2014 09:52:21151M
01-Jun-2014 16:15:166.2G

Backup job started at Wed Jun 25 11:30:04 EDT 2014
Backup job completed at Thu Jun 26 15:01:17 EDT 2014

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