Nevis 2005 nevis1 Shutoff At the end of 2005, I propose to shut down nevis1.

Some of the details are in flux. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Bill Seligman

Basic facts

This is the place to start if you were directed to this web page, but you're not sure what a "nevis1" is, you never login to that machine, or the technical details are of no interest to you.

At 6PM Wed Dec 21 2005, please make sure that you are logged off from whatever Nevis computer system you use, and that you are not running a program that reads your Nevis mail. At 7PM, you can read your mail or login again.

If you are logged in or reading your mail from 6PM-7PM on Wed 21-Dec-05, you risk losing some of your files.

Complete schedule and technicalities

After 12 years of service, nevis1 is finally being retired. Most of the Nevis users no longer rely on it. However, a few still login to it, and several users still have home directories on the system. For those users, the proposed schedule is:

If this schedule is too rapid for you, or there are any issues that have not been addressed, please contact me. However, please read the next section first, since your question may be answered there.

Incidentally, if there were to be a major hardware problem on nevis1 before the dates above, I would probably implement the shift immediately, after recovering any files that I could.

Questions and answers