Nevis 2006 mail server upgrade On Wed 01-Feb-2006 at 6PM, I propose to switch our mail server to a newer, faster machine.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Bill Seligman

Basic facts

At 6PM Wed Feb 1, 2006, I am going to turn off our existing mail server. You will not be able to read your mail, nor send out any mail through Nevis. By 7PM, I hope a new mail server will be up, and you'll able to read and write your e-mail again. No e-mail should be lost during this change.

More details

Our existing mail server is about four years old. Although that's not old compared to some of our other servers (you don't want to know how old our web server is!), it's beginning to slow down at times; there's more about this issue in the FAQ.

The new mail server has been configured, tested, and appears to work. If you're feeling experimental, you can even try it out: in your mail reader, replace (or franklin or whatever) with Note that our firewall blocks off all the DHCP addresses, so you can only run this test from a machine at Nevis. (Don't forget to change this name back when you're done with your tests!)

The basic transition plan is this:

If this schedule is inconvenient for you, or there are any issues that have not been addressed, please contact me. However, please read the next section first, since your question may be answered there.

Questions and answers