Computer Room Power Panel 6-B
1A 20 A     2A 20 A ROLM; Do not touch!
1B 20 A     2B 20 A
1C 20 A     2C 20 A
3A 30 A     4A 30 A
riverside-ups [in rack A]
3B 30 A rack-c-ups   4B 20 A rack B - upper power box
3C 20 A     4C 20 A unused
5A 30 A
rack 4 power box (hermes nodes; han)
[no breaker]
5B 20 A outlet to SW of rack B 6B 30 A outlet to west of rack C
5C 20 A 6C 30 A
7A 20 A unused 8A 30 A shang-ups [in rack 1]
7B 20 A adapter box air-conditioner 8B 30 A kolya-ups [in rack 2]
7C 20 A
air conditioner 8C 30 A rack 3 power (admin-ups; shelley-ups)
9A 20 A   10A 20 A Power outlets on the walls around the enclosure
9B 20 A   10B 20 A rack A power strip (westside-ups)
9C 20 A     10C 20 A  
11A 30 A tehanu-ups 12A 20 A Room 119J 120V outlet
11B 30 A adapter box rack-c-ups 12B 20 A Room 119J 120V outlet
11C 30 A     12C 20 A Room 119J 120V outlet
13A 30 A rack B power box (amsterdam-ups; bleeker-ups)   14A 30 A karthur-ups [in rack 2]
13B 30 A blue rack power box   14B 20 A pair of 5-20 outlets behind rack A
13C 20 A     14C 20 A rack B power strip (hypatia and orestes)
} means group breaker; } adapter { means outlets fan out from adapter box