Nevis VAX Migration The VAX computers are being phased out at Nevis. The following is a memo distributed by Dave Leon on 06-Nov-1998 (revised 5-Jan-1999) that describes the migration procedure.

As previously mentioned, the VAX cluster is scheduled to be decommissioned starting the end of this year. In order to establish a smooth transition, I am publishing the phase out schedule and migration information in order to help you plan your activities and not be adversely affected. Reminders will start going out 2 weeks prior to an event.

There is much work to be done and I believe that I have covered all the bases. However if you see something missing or have concerns as to the timeline or procedures, please contact me directly at x2830.

The dates

During the week of January 18, 1999, the VAX mail server WILL be terminated. This means that any mail you normally receive on the VAX will not be accepted by the VAX. In order to minimize the inconveniences I am planning on the following:

The migration

On the SGI, aliases in the postmaster account will be created to handle certain incoming mail messages and forward them accordingly. For example: if your user name on the SGI is not the same on the VAX, a postmaster alias will be used to make sure that mail being sent to your VAX address will be received by your SGI account.

Listserver mailing will be initially sent to the postmaster account to be reviewed. If the person is still active with the lab, the mail will be forwarded to the appropriate account on the SGI and an alias will be made in the postmaster account.

For those persons who don't have an account on the SGI, an account will be created for you and your mail will automatically be sent to the new account.

For those persons not familiar using UNIX mail, Bill Seligman and I are available upon request to provide detailed training. Please contact us directly.

A real concern for everyone is existing mail folders and distribution lists. A procedure has been created that automatically duplicates the mail folders and distribution lists from the VAX over to the UNIX system. In order to provide a more personalized service to you, I ask you to please contact Bill Seligman or myself prior to November 15 and setup a schedule where we can spend the necessary time with you to ensure that the conversion goes smoothly.

My resources and time will mostly be devoted to the smooth and orderly phaseout of the VAX cluster during the months of December and January. This means that while I will always be available to help you and take care of installation/integration issues, I might not be able to work with you in a timely fashion. If you know of an upcoming issue regarding your system, please see me directly so we can schedule a mutually agreeable time.

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