The VAX Cluster

The VAX cluster, the backbone of Nevis computing in the 1980's, is heading into that long, dark twilight. The machines in the VAX cluster are now only turned on by specific request. Many of the machines listed below are no longer operable.

Node Name Description Primary Ownership
NEVIS0Vaxserver 3200General Site / Boot Server
NEVIS4Alphastation 3000/M400DOE group
NEVIS7Vaxstation 3100Electronics Shop
NEVISIAlphastation 3000/M300DOE group / Boot Server
NEVISKVaxstation 3100/m76DOE group
NEVISMVaxstation 4000/m60DOE group
NEVISOAlphastation 3000/m300DOE group
NEVISRVaxstation 3100General Site

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Comments, suggestions, and requests to activate the cluster should be sent to: David Leon