VERITAS, the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System, is a TeV gamma-ray observatory located in Southern Arizona. VERITAS, which came online as a full array in Fall 2007, comprises four 12m-diameter imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes. VERITAS features high sensitivity over a wide range of energies (from 100 GeV to > 30 TeV). This TeV observatory complements the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope , which operates in the energy range 30 MeV - 300 GeV.

The VERITAS Group at Columbia Univeristy in New York is part of the VERITAS collaboration, which operates the most sensitive instrument for detecting TeV gamma-rays in the Northern Hemisphere. The VERITAS Group at Columbia University, led by Brian Humensky, consists of undergraduate students and graduate students from Columbia and post-doctoral research scientists. Together, we carry out scientific research with the VERITAS array on galactic and extragalactic sources in the various energy ranges from the GeV with Fermi to the TeV with VERITAS. We also collaborate very closely with the VERITAS group at Barnard College led by Reshmi Mukherjee

To find out more about VERITAS and CTA activities at Columbia, email Brian Humensky (see people page for contact info).

The Barnard and Columbia VERITAS groups, Summer 2012. Left to right are Jed Schmidt, Dominick Fulgieri, Kyle Misquitta, Jonathan Florez, Valerie Marchenko, Manel Errando, Flo Doval, Brian Humensky, Reshmi Mukherjee, Daniel Nieto, Sheetal Saxena, and Andrew Loo. Missing are Gladys Velez Caicedo, Andrea Egan, David Garofalo, Frank Toriello, and Ester Aliu.

VERITAS research at Columbia is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation