Grid Access at Nevis This is a description of the procedure to get access to ATLAS-related files on the DOEGrids.

Each individual user who wants access to the files on the USATLAS and CERN grids must gain permission to do so. There's no Nevis-wide approval or script -- you must do it on your own.

The procedure to access files on the Grid breaks down into two phases: a lengthy one-time set-up procedure, and the commands you must issue every time you wish to access the Grid.

  1. Setting up Grid access

    Warning: the initial set-up takes time. You should allow 2-3 days to make your way through the bureaucracy of approvals. If you're consulting this page because you need to access files right away, the best advice I can give you is to ask someone who already has Grid access to get the file for you.

    The steps to set up Grid access are:

  2. How to fetch files from the Grid.

    We have not installed Globus at Nevis. Instead, we use the installation at BNL. This means that you need to use a machine with AFS to issue the following commands:

    # csh-style setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION /afs/ source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.csh # sh-style export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/afs/ source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/ # You'll be prompted for your certificate "export password" with this command: grid-proxy-init # The above commands set up Grid access, and must be entered once per # login session. Here's an example of how to fetch a file: globus-url-copy -p 3 -vb \ gsi \ file:///tmp/testcopy

    The last command above will copy the Grid file to /tmp/testcopy on your local machine.

    Here's more documentation on the globus-url-copy command. The complete Globus documentation may also be useful.

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