The Columbia Neutrino Group


Last updated September, 2006

Our group on MiniBooNE, SCIBooNE and Double Chooz
  • Alexis Aguilar Arevalo (5th year grad student)
  • Janet Conrad (faculty)
  • Zelimir Djurcic (postdoc)
  • Laura Gladstone (undergraduate senior)
  • Georgia Karagiorgi (2nd year grad student)
  • Christine Lewis (undergraduate senior)
  • Kendall McConnel-Mahn (4th year grad student)
  • Van Nguyen (2nd year grad student)
  • David Schmitz (5th year grad student)
  • Mike Shaevitz (faculty)
  • Geralyn ("Sam") Zeller (postdoc)

  • Columbia MiniBooNE Group, July 2006

    The Columbia Neutrino Group, July 2006
    (Back row) Janet Conrad, Kendall McConnel-Mahn, Van Nguyen, Georgia Karagiorgi, Alexis Aguilar Arevalo, Jocelyn Monroe
    (front row) Sam Zeller, Zelimir Djurcic, Len Bugel (from Stratton Mountain High School), David Schmitz, Mike Shaevitz.
    Missing: Laura Gladstone, Christine Lewis.