Before you send me mail...

Unfortunately, due to the volume of unsolicited direct-marketing e-mail messages I've received, I'm forced to include this special warning page before you can actually send me e-mail or even view my e-mail address.

To put it simply: If you just want to talk, fine. If you want to sell me something, go away.

(After you've read this warning and if you're willing to abide by its terms, go ahead and send e-mail to seligman of <>.

(There used to be a link in the above paragraph. There isn't anymore. The obfustication code to hide e-mail addresses from spammer robots became inadequate. Don't worry, spammers; we'll block you anyway.)

Here's the legalese, in case the quick summary above left any doubts in your mind:

Now, it may occur to you that if this web site is being visited by a spam robot, the above announcements won't work. That's why I include the following link:
Provider of Snark Commercial E-Mail Service
If you follow through the links via the above button and randomly scan for e-mail addresses, you will wind up being invoiced $500 for each e-mail you send to Snark. Of course, you should not use this service, and the presence of this link on my web site is for humorous purposes only.
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