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Motivation Behind IsoDAR and DAEδALUS

IsoDAR and DAEδALUS are attempting to answer several questions in the field of neutrino physics, several of which may have significant impact on physics as a whole.

IsoDAR primarily seeks to understand new physics in the fields of neutrino interactions and flavors. DAEδALUS primarily seeks to answer questions concerning the present state of the universe and how it relates to our understanding of physics. To learn more, visit the following subsections:


What are neutrinos? Why are they so poorly understood? IsoDAR and DAEδALUS hope to be able to answer several questions about these mysetrious particles.

Sterile Neutrinos

Are there truly only three flavors of neutrinos? Is the Standard Model all there is to physics? IsoDAR attempts to identify a possible particle beyond the Standard Model.


It exists, but why is there so little of it and what does it mean for our existence?

CP Violation

Some things seem as if they are made to be broken. The breaking of CP symmetry may be able to explain our existence if it is observed in neutrinos.