Columbia/BNL eBubble Cryostat Documentation

This page contains links to documentation of the Columbia/BNL Liquid Helium 'eBubble' Cryostat that may be useful for reviewers.

  • Introduction to eBubble cryostat and test procedures (PDF)

  • Operating Procedure Manual (version 5.1, October 1, 2007) (PDF), Fig. 1 (PDF), Fig. 2 (PDF)

  • Schematic of the liquid helium cryostat (PDF)

  • Complete P&ID drawing of cryostat and pump/fill infrastructure (PDF)

  • Flow diagram of cryostat and its vacuum pumping lines (PDF)

  • Temperature sensor number and position(PDF)

  • Temperature sensor arrangement and connection(PDF)

  • Complete set of AutoCAD drawings for eBubble Chamber (PDF)

  • Detailed component list (Excel)

  • ANSYS calculations for eBubble chamber at 30psi, 70psi and 150psi (PDF)

  • ANSYS calculations for Top Plate and Flange Strength (PDF)

  • Calculations for the minimum thickness of eBubble chamber wall and optical window (PDF)

  • Calculations for the minimum thickness of eBubble chamber wall and cover flange (PDF)

  • ODH Classification (PDF), ODH backup (PDF)

  • Heat Load Analysis (PDF)

  • Photographs

    Additional Information

    Hardcopies of vendor documentation for the liquid helium cryostat (Janis) and the liquid helium and liquid nitrogen dewars (Chart) have been provided to Richard Thomas (BNL/AM, CSC Chair) and to Ron Gill (BNL/PO, Physics ES&H Coordinator).

    Contact Information

    • Phone: (914) 591 2821
    • Fax: (914) 591 8120
    • Nevis Laboratories, Columbia University, P. O. Box 137, Irvington, NY 10533

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