None of these photos were taken at the party. These are memories of costumes, celebrations, and friends from the past.

This picture was taken just before I went to Lunacon in March, 1989. It was the first con that I attended in costume. Walter Lefmann and Deborah Rose-Lefmann went with me (one day, when Deborah's not around, ask about the shower massage fiasco). My cat Ginger appreciated the costume, but not for the same reasons I did.
Halloween, 1989; a month or so before my 30th birthday. I attended aerobics class in my wizard's outfit. No, I didn't do the exercises in the costume!
At the New York Ren Faire in 1990. I always liked the sky-blue look of the wizard's outfit, but no one else did. This is the only year that I wore it.
Halloween at Nevis Labs, 1990. At this point the style of my wizard's costume is basically fixed. I would change the color of the pieces, but not the style.
At my 32nd birthday party in 1991 we played a "How to Host a Murder" game: the "Class of '54." From right to left, here are Walter Lefmann, Becca Block, me (behind the balloons), Rhena Seidman, and Paul Stankus. Probably John Mackay is the one standing behind Walter and shoving balloons into my face, while either Geela Naiman or Deborah Rose-Lefmann takes the picture.
This is the Bronze Rose adventuring group at what was then NERO-NJ, circa 1991-1992. (NERO-NJ later became LAIRE, the Live-Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers.) Clockwise from the left, here are Janet Anderson, Jon Oliphant, Paul Anderson, Bill Seligman, Geela Naiman, and John Mackay. I am playing Winston Waterston, and Geela is playing Periwinkle Pipe; eight years later we would play those same characters at my 40th birthday party.
My cat Ginger on the day after my 40th birthday party. He still appreciates my costumes for a different reason than I do.

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