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I've discovered style sheets! I also got rid of more old links. (So many of the links I mention in earlier news items are no longer there. Perhaps there's little point maintaining link collections anymore.)


Using Interarchy, I scanned my web site looking for dead links. I've gone through my web pages and updated or removed obsolete links.


In obediance to some obscure impulse, I doubled the size of my book links page by adding links to books on programming, scientific statistics, and systems administration.


Unless I add some outstanding functionality to this site, I'm no longer going to maintain this page. I'm continually twiddling with the web links (the site isn't dead!), but I don't feel a need to update this page with each change.


Science marches on, and my thesis results have had an impact on the scientific community:


I've re-organized material between the index and web-links pages. Basically my home page is now just a site index, and all the autobiographical stuff is now with the web links.


I've added a new section on the written word, with links to dictionaries and other references.


Janet Conrad had asked me take out the link to the bunny picture, but now I've put it back in with her blessing.

3-Dec-97 (Happy 38th Birthday!)

Added NY Times to my daily links.


Continued refinements to my on-line browser bookmarks (though I pity the poor soul who feels a need to go through them).


Added Doonesbury to the comic book links.


Added links in the physics web links to the Particle Adventure, the Particle Physics Tour, and the CCFR Home Page.


The Moon Tables have been updated to cover 1999.


Put my browser bookmarks on-line (a little dangerous, but it's convenient).


Cleaning up links, and deleting old ones. Adding to the thesis errata.


Added comments to the physics-related book links, tweaked the Mac-related web links. Still to do: book links for computer software.


Added some pictures and cartoons as I learn how to format images. Go to the bottom of the home page for the links.


Learning how to use tables on the home page... and learning how to make the book links look nicer.


I moved all the web links to a separate page. This makes my home page look cleaner.


I'm sticking in links to books that relate to the contents of my web site. There's no big reason for this, except that I've got a little bit of the librarian in me.


Formal announcement of my doctorate on my web site (I got it 24-Nov-96). I'm continuing to remove dead links from the site and replace them with (hopefully) useful ones. I'm now helping to maintain the Nevis Labs Web Site.


Slowly and carefully, I will be reorganizing the links on the home page. I want to cut out a lot of stuff that not even I use, and rely more on the Web resources that other people have organized.

This will primarily occur when I update the number of thesis pages I've written, which I only do sporadically (update the number, that is; thesis writing I do continuously). So don't expect anything dramatic soon.

Basic new items: a new "Daily" section for stuff I think is worth checking every day, and lots of new Pagan Web links.


Additions and changes:

...also got rid of some old and obsolete links -- and the UPenn Star Wars page is back!


Added web links for:

...and another note on Microsoft Word 6.


Added web links for:


Added web links for:


Added web links for:


Added web links for:


Added outline at the top of the page to make access easier.


Added web links for:


Added web links for:


Added web links for:


Bug in the moon tables - I was missing May '96. In general, the program was missing a month if the following month had a full moon on the first of the month. The bug has been fixed.


Added web links for:

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