ROOT Tutorial

Once a year, at Nevis, I give an all-day hands-on tutorial on ROOT to the REU students (and anyone else at Nevis who's interested). I assume that these students have little or no experience with ROOT, UNIX, Python, C++, histograms, or statistics (I have a separate page with references to these topics). The goal is to enable them to make histograms from ntuples that other people create for them.

I've revised the course somewhat over the years. The instructional materials for some of the past tutorials are listed below, with the most recent year first. Older versions are in the archives.

If you're not at Nevis and want to go through the tutorial, please note that the some of the early pages relate to resources (e.g., the Jupyterhub server) that are only available here. But after you get through the parts about how to login to a Nevis system and set up ROOT, the tutorial becomes general.

If you aren't at Nevis but want to copy the files for the tutorial, you can find those files here. If you want to copy all the files at once (which I don't recommend; there's a lot of extraneous stuff in the directory) then the UNIX command is:

     wget -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=2 -R "index.html*" \ 

The 2022 class (01-Jun-2022)

Here's the hands-on ROOT tutorial for 2022:

Here are the PDF files of slides I displayed during lectures on the following topics:

There are many changes from last year. The most obvious one is that I've shifted to using web pages instead of a PDF file to present the tutorial. While I still offer a PDF file, it's automatically generated from the web pages, and does not have the neat pagination of the tutorial PDF files from previous years.

The 2021 class (02-Jun-2021)

Here is the 2021 hands-on tutorial, in PDF format. Some additional files are required for the tutorial.

For the convenience of the students, here are PDF files of slides I displayed on the following topics:

The most significant change from the previous year is that there's a new section solely on statistics.

The 2020 class (18-Aug-2020)

I sincerely hope that by the time you read this, the impact of the 2020 pandemic will have faded into irrelevance. There could be no organized summer student program at Nevis that year, and certainly no in-person ROOT tutorial. However, I decided to update the tutorial anyway. It is here.

The primary changes were:


All of the previous editions of the ROOT tutorial and related presentations are in the archives.

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