Heavy-Ion Physics at Nevis

The overall goal of the Nevis heavy-ion physics program is to determine the properties and states of nuclear matter at high energies.

The purpose of high-energy nuclear physics (as opposed to high-energy particle physics) is to understand the properties and states of matter at the high temperatures and pressures created by the collisions of two nuclei.

General presentations on the goals of the field in general, and PHENIX in particular, are available here.

Below is an overview of the heavy-ion physics experiments in which Nevis currently participates. Note that the list of physics results is necessarily incomplete, since each is a rich source of new information about the structure of matter. Consult the web sites of the individual experiments for more information.

PHENIX experiment for RHIC at BNL

Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (Nucleus-Nucleus collisions up to 200 GeV/nucleon)

Cheng-Yi Chi
Brian Cole
Tatia Engelmore
Ali Hanks
Yue Shi Lai
Eric Mannel
David Winter
William Zajc

E910 experiment at the AGS in BNL

Fixed-target p-A collisions (6, 12, and 18 GeV)

Brian Cole
David Winter
William Zajc


Aaron Angerami
Brian Cole
Mikhail Lelthouk