Nevis Particle Physics

Nevis Laboratories is Columbia University's primary center for the study of high-energy experimental particle and nuclear physics. Faculty members, postdoctoral research scientists, and graduate students, supported by an engineering and technical staff, engage in the preparation, design, and construction of high-energy particle and nuclear experiments and equipment. These experiments and equipment are transported to major national accelerator laboratories for data collection; the data resulting from these experiments are then processed and analyzed using the extensive computer systems at Nevis. Experiments are currently taking place at Fermilab in Chicago, Illinois; CERN in Switzerland; and Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island in Upton, New York.

ATLAS ATLAS is an experiment operating at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The LHC is the world's highest energy accelerator, and will be the premier experimental HEP collider facility for many years to come.

MicroBooNE MicroBooNE is a neutrino experiment at Fermilab which will investigate neutrino properties and interactions using the booster neutrino beam.

VERITAS is an array of four imaging air Cherenkov telescopes located at the Whipple Observatory on Mt. Hopkins, about one hour south of Tucson, AZ.