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Right now I have two roles at Nevis Labs.

Particle-physics books


These are the sites I check every day.


My formal title at Nevis Labs is "Network Engineer." Basically, I'm a UNIX systems administrator (though my Mac has proved itself to be enormously useful on the job).

Books on systems administration


I'm a Macintosh fan... or haven't you figured that out yet?



I came out of the broom closet the modern way... by including the following links in this web site.

Pagan-related books

The Written Word

I've had a life-long fascination with books and references. Here are a few good references I've picked up while browsing through the Internet.


I've been a science fiction fan since about 1966, when my third-grade teacher gave me a copy of Eleanor Cameron's The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet.

SF books


People I know, people I've met, people I've seen... and people with cool web sites.

Fun and games

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